I am 82 years old and used to walk awkwardly. I started to see Wakako every month. Now I can walk naturally and faster. I am very happy with her Lomilomi!                                                        Gwenda                                                                                                  

Wakako is highly experienced in massage techniques. Her breathing focuses on and penetrates the affected areas to release blockages and increase energy flow. During covid-19 restriction, she offered on-line self care session.

I realized how much Lomilomi works on me...Long live Lomilomi!                 Yu san

Thank so much WakaAloha Lomilomi! I went in with a very stiff painful hip and thanks to your knowledge, healing enregies, good humor and kindness I came out totally loosened up and relaxed. Love how you are happy to focus on certain parts, like shoulders or whole body. Good approach, look forward to seeing you soon!                                                                                                                     Gordana


Wakako's attention to service is exemplary. She listens actively and adapts her diverse range of Lomilomi techniques to match my needs. Not only are her massages luxurious she gets results. She never fails to heal me . Duncan