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What clients say

Miffy Lanceleaux

Wakako has an amazing knowledge and understanding pf the body and systems. Combined with her gentle healing nature creates an environment of rapid change in the body. I had no idea what to expect with Lomilomi but now I don't know how to live without it! My digestive issues have completely resolved amd calcified tendinitis I have suffered for 13 years is completely healed! No oneelse could fix it -but Wakako fixed my shoulder in one session. Couldn't recommend  more highly she is a

Sarah Overs

Wakako is true healer, she listens and understands where the issues are and tarets tehm. Her massage put you in a meditative state and so you feel rested and your body relieved of pain and knots. She also uses comlimentary oils.Wakako's studio is super clean and professional and she is calm and very kind.

Tia Kunanglawu

II have been having regular massages with Wakako for a long time. Her Lomilomi massage technique is very effective and soothing for my sore muscles. I have also been seeing her for prenatal massage throughout my pregnancy and can highly recommend her service.

Keep up the good work Wakako!