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Hawaiian Lomilomi

Kumu Dane 2018 Instructor certification

Welcome to the Hawaiian Lomilomi Studio WakaAloha!

WakaAloha offers Lomilomi sessions and provides courses. Our goal is to get to the cause of your pain and support your health so you can live your life you chose.


What is Lomilomi? It is a Hawaiian healing arts which incoperates body work, energywork as well as ho'oponopono (make things right, correct relationship by telling stories) Sometimes we implement medicinal herbs or heated stones.

Hawai'i is the source of Lomilomi.

Wakako, therapist and instructor, is very fortunate to be able to learn direct with Kumu (teacher) Lomi Dane Kaohelani Silva who is a Native Hawaiian. His method derived from martial art, called Lua.  Lomilomi was used not only to help people to restore their balance but also to heal injured warrior and assist their recovery.

Therefore his method, Lokahi ( unity) Lomilomi is unique for its realignment techniques too.


For more information Kumu Lomi Dane Kaohelani Silva

" Healing is 80% mana, 20% aloha"

Mana means life force. We can get mana from our environment, such as ocean, forest, winds etc. Aloha means love, compassion. When Lomilomi session opens with pule (prayer), we open our mind and heart allowing mana to help release blockages in your body and mind. This is why they said that Lomilomi is touch of Aloha, or healing of prayer.

If you wish to book a session, please message or contact 0478 017 917.

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