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Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage & School

Kumu Dane 2018 Instructor certification

Welcome to the Hawaiian Lomilomi Studio WakaAloha!

WakaAloha offers Lomilomi sessions and provides courses. Our goal is to restore the balance between body, mind and spirit so you can live your life you chose.


-What is Lomilomi?

It is a bodywork and healing work in one. Natural elements such as healing oil with medicinal herbs, heated stone, Lomi stick can be implemented. Anatomy based techniques (strokes, stretches, compression with forearms) help reducing the pain or tightness of the muscles to realign your body.

It is also said to be " healing of the prayer." Your session always starts with and ends with pule= prayer. Kumu (teacher) Dane Silva says "Lomilomi without pule is not Lomilomi."  It connects us with nature and ancestors so that mana = spiritual energy can flow through ours hands and receive guidance to release your energy blockages.

Hawai'i is the source of Lomilomi.

Wakako, therapist and instructor, is very fortunate to have been able to learn direct with late Kumu Lomi Dane Kaohelani Silva who was a Native Hawaiian and well known for his continuous contributions to hawaiian community.

For more information Kumu Lomi Dane Kaohelani Silva


"Healing is 80% mana 20% aloha"

If you wish to book a session or are interested in learnin Kumu Dane's Lomilomi methode, please  contact 0478 017 917.

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