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Lōkahi Lomilomi Essential Basic Course

Do you wish to learn Lōkahi Lomilomi ? Lomilomi can be used for your family or friends. You can also set a foundation for the professional career.
Our course gives you qualification to become an insured therapist in Lomilomi. WakaAloha is a registered and approved training provider with the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists.



 Lōkahi Lomilomi Basic Essentail Course Overview
40 hours course with a lot of massage practice. In our Lokahi Lomilomi we focus on breathing to keep you energized. This will help you to avoid burnout from performing Lomilomi and increase healing effect on your clients.
Course duration : 40 hour 
Course Fee: $3.500 ( tax included)
Course fee includes
  • Textbook
  • Certificate by Hale Ola, main school in Hawai'i
  • Certificate by WakaAloha
  • Oil& linen rental
  • Welcome gift Hawaiian deisgn sarong
  • Contribution to Hale Ola
What you will learn
  • How to perform 90 minutes Lōkahi Lomilomi session  
  • Ha works ( breath techniques) in giving Lomilomi
  • How to gather "Mana" ( Hawaiian spiritual energy)
  • How to ground yourself ( to enhance energy release work)
  • Self care
  • Ho'oponopono ( Hawaiian way of reconciliation, meaning " make things right")
  • Pule ( Hawaiian prayer ) and Oki ( Protocol to complete a session. Lomilomi is said to be a " healing of prayer")
  • Donation to Hale Ola
Lominoho 1 Day Course
Lominoho means " seated lomilomi massage." You can perform Lomi wherever you can sit down.   (You do not require massage chair)
Duration: 6 hours + 2 hours complimentary review lesson
Cost: $650 ( tax incl.)
Course fee includes;
  • Certificate by Hale Ola, head school in Hawai'i
  • Certificate by WakaAloha
  • Textbook issued by Hale Ola
  • Contribution to Hale Ola
You will learn Lomi for neck, shoulder, thoracic area, forearms, wrists and hands.  By learning various Lomi pressure points an different stretches, you will be able to realign the upper body.
Great for complaints such as stiff neck, tired eyes, tennis elbow, impingement of the shoulder, frozen shoulder, shallow breathe, tight thoracic area etc.
We highly recommend to have received authentic  Lōkahi Loimlomi session prior to enrolment.
You do not require massage experience.
Please contact for course schedule.
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