About therapist

Wakako has been very fortunate to share Hawaiian Healing Art, Lomilomi since 2008 and has worked with few thousands of clients. 2011 she learnt about Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva's style of Lomilomi. Ever since she has trained regularly with Kumu Dane in Hawaii. In 2018 she has been given permission to teach  his lineage of Lomilomi. As a first and the only certified instructor in South Australia Wakako is determined to spread his teachings throughout Australia and support health of local people.


2011 Longlife Lomilomi Level 1

2013 Longlife Lomilomi Level 2A

        Lominoho( Seated Lomilomi)

2014 Longlife Lomilomi Level 2B

2017 Lokahi Lomilomi Level 3 (Cervical Lomilomi)

2018 Lokahi Lomilomi instructor

2015 Hapai Lomi ( Prenatal Lomilomi)

2020 Pregnancy Massage at Pregnancy Massage Australia