About therapist

Aloha! My name is Wakako. I was born in Aomori in Japan, where it snows a lot!! I currently live in Adelaide, South Australia. For 13 years I lived in overseas (Austria, Belgium and Zambia, Africa) until 2007. I have been searching for what I really wanted to do in my life. 2008 I had an opportunity to attend Hawaiian Lomilomi workshop in Oafu organized by a japanese leading healing school. I then met my husband through surfing which brought me to Australia in 2011.

It was the same year when  I found  about Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva's style of Lomilomi. Ever since I have been learning regularly with him in Hawaii. In 2018 I received permission  to teach  his lineage of Lomilomi. As a first and the only certified instructor in South Australia I hope to spread his teachings throughout Australia and support health of local people. There are only 2 therapists and instructors certified by him and handful students certified by us nationwide. 

When I am not performing or teaching Lomilomi, I love to surf. These two are my passion and foundation of my happiness!!


2011 Longlife Lomilomi Level 1

2013 Longlife Lomilomi Level 2A

        Lominoho( Seated Lomilomi)

2014 Longlife Lomilomi Level 2B

2017 Lokahi Lomilomi Level 3 (Cervical Lomilomi)

2018 Lokahi Lomilomi instructor

2015 Hapai Lomi ( Prenatal Lomilomi)

2020 Pregnancy Massage at Pregnancy Massage Australia

Instructor certification 2018
Surfing in SA