About therapist

My name is Wakako.I have spent more than half my life in abroad. One of these country was Zambia, Africa, where I received my first ever massage by a local massage therapist. My interest in massage started! I returned to Japan in 2007, soon after I discovered the Hawaiian healing art called "Lomilomi". After one year experience at a leading massage Salon in Tokyo, I moved to South Australia. I kept on searching for a Lomilomi school where I can learn authentic one. The one which Hawaiian people learn, teach and practice in their culture. After long research I learnt about Kumulomi Dane.

Since 2011 I have been studying Loilomi with him. In 2018 I was certified as Lokahi Lomilomi Instructor. My goal is to spread it in Australia and support health of local people.


2011 Longlife Lomilomi Level 1( basic foundation)

2013 Longlife Lomilomi Level 2A

        Lominoho( Seated Lomilomi)

2014 Longlife Lomilomi Level 2B

2017 Lokahi Lomilomi Level3 (Cervical Lomilomi)

2018 Lokahi Lomilomi instructor

2015 Hapai Lomi ( Prenatal Lomilomi)

2020 Pregnancy Massage at Pregnancy Massage Australia