Lomilomi is Hawaiian healing art that balances body, mind and spirit. It is often misunderstood just as an oil massage. It is more than just a body work.

Each session starts with pule( prayer). Traditionally heated stone or medicinal herb plants can be used to heal your body but also "Ho'oponopono" (reconciliation) can be used to heal your inner balance.

In Hawaiian philosophy ancestors, earth and humans are interconnected. When you are in the center of these elements, you are filled with "Mana".  Mana means "spiritual energy" and it increases healing power.

"Healing is 80% Mana, 20% Aloha"

Kumulomi Dane Kaohelani Silva

Kumulomi Dane is a native Hawaiian and has a traditional lineage of many generations. He is widely known as instructor of Hawaiian lomilomi body work and healing arts. His offered integrative health care combining  Lomilomi body work with chiro practic, acupuncture as well as la'au lapa'au, a hawaiian herbal medicine, to support health of the people in the community.  His method  and technique known as "Lokahi Lomilomi" derived from Lua, traditional practice of fighting. It was used to heal injuries.  Characteristics about Lokahi Lomilomi are


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